Monday, January 31, 2011

Cayenne Coffee

My roomie turned me onto Cayenne earlier this year. I'm ridiculous sometimes when I read about health problems on the internet and immediately diagnose myself with whatever ailment I am reading about at the time. It doesn't usually last more than a couple days before I simple forget that I was dying of whatever terrible disease. This however does seem to work even stronger with remedies. 

My roomie read to me the healing powers of Cayenne. She told me how it increases the immune system, it gets your blood circulating... and I think she said it cures everything. Maybe not that much. But that's the way I took it. 

I started adding Cayenne to everything I was cooking. Eventually this home remedy became something I just loved. I'm by no means a person who will pick "hot" anything, but this is all starting to shift because of my new found addiction. 

Naturally I began wondering if there was a way to add Cayenne to my Coffee and have it taste good. I did some research online and found a recipe that sounded good and the person who posted it was talking about how it's an amazing way to have coffee. This morning I combined coffee, cayenne, cinnamon and nutmeg all together... following the directions perfectly. I waiting four minutes for my coffee to brew and poured myself a cup.

It was TERRIBLE. It was like drinking liquid Cayenne and nothing else. No other flavors survived. I took two or three sips before I gave up. I'm not totally discourage. I KNOW I need less cayenne, and I'm thinking of using a darker roast, possibly an Asian/Pacific coffee. Something with earthy tones. I used a medium blend that tasted more in the realm of South America which doesn't tend to go well with spices anyways. 

I have a plan-- but let's see what happens. Hopefully I'll figure out a good combo... and then I'll share it with you all to use! 


  1. My recipie: 1 tsp cinnamon, I tsp coco powder, a pinch of clove, a pinch of cayenne, dark coffee. It's Really good.

  2. Try cafe du mode, prepared as you normally would drink your coffee with just a sprinkle of cayenne. Stir well. Fantastic.

  3. I tried it for the first time today. 1/4 tsp 90K HU in a cup of dark black coffee. It was surprisingly good

    1. Coffee as you would normally brew it, honey and cayenne.... deeeelicious and nutritious!